Benidorm mayor announces the suspension of the table and chair tax for all of 2021 and the freezing of municipal taxes

November 16, 2020
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The mayor of Benidorm, Toni Pérez, announced that the City Council will suspend "throughout the year 2021" the collection of the fee for the installation of tables and chairs and will proceed to "freeze municipal taxes, fees and public prices in the sections in which the amount depends on a municipal decision ”; measures that "will come into effect on 1st January".

Toni Pérez recalled that "at this time the collection of the fee for the installation of tables and chairs is suspended until March 31, 2021 by plenary agreement", although "we understand that its extension until 31st December is necessary to continue to alleviate, to the extent of municipal possibilities, the situation that the hotel and catering sector is experiencing as a result of this crisis ”.

The mayor has announced both measures in a press conference in which he has also informed that "the Municipal Corporation and the eventual staff will see their salary frozen in 2021, expressly renouncing the salary increase approved by the Government of Spain", whose The percentage is around 0.9%. However, "although the salary of politicians and advisers is frozen, the City Council will comply with the salary increases approved for municipal personnel, both civil servants and labour."

Toni Pérez has stressed that “the government teams that I have chaired since 2015 have been characterised by austerity, in doing more with less, and that is why we are going to continue with that policy, especially in a time as difficult as this, in the that so many people are having a hard time ”.

In this sense, it has advanced that "before the end of the year we are going to manage a new wave of aid of different kinds", in line with those already articulated to minimise the economic effects of Covid-19 on homes and tissue productive activities of the city, such as: aid to families, to the retail trade, and to companies, the self-employed and SMEs.

To questions from journalists, the mayor has clarified in 2019 the City Council settled about half a million euros for the rate for occupation of tables and chairs; an income that will not arrive next year.

Toni Pérez has stressed that "there are fees such as the occupation of tables whose collection can be suspended", but the same does not happen with those that are intended to "cover the cost of a service", such as waste management. In any case, it has influenced that "in the sections that we are allowed by the General State Budget Law to reduce the amount of municipal taxes or fees, we will do so"; in the same way that "there will be no tax increase" in " the sections in which we have freezing capacity ”.