The beaches exceed 46,000 users during the Bridge (Holiday Weekend)

October 14, 2020
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The beaches of Benidorm exceeded 46,000 users during the October Bridge (Holiday), according to the figures provided by the concession company and annouced by the mayor, Toni Pérez. Specifically, on Friday 9th, 12,437 users passed through the beaches of Levante, Poniente and Mal Pas, and 9,259 did so on Saturday the 10th. Sunday closed with 12,102 bathers, while on Hispanic Heritage Day the peak of Bridge users with 12,575 people. In total, the beaches have registered 46,373 users during the four days of the Bridge.

The mayor has indicated that “these numbers are a reflection of how the October Bridge has worked in the city, in which the open hotel beds have registered a high occupancy, which in the case of hotels reaches 70% according to data from Hosbec, to which we must add the influx of tourist apartments, campsites and second homes ”. Toni Pérez has pointed out that “although the results are far from the pre-pandemic figures, this Bridge has confirmed once again that Benidorm is a leading destination even in adverse situations, capitalizing on markets and opportunities, as is the case of tourism from the interior of the Valencian Community, which during these days has mainly opted for Benidorm ”.

"The good weather has led people living in other Autonomous Communities to have chosen Benidorm to pass this Bridge during these days," he added.

Toni Pérez said that “once the October Bridge, the last great annual event of our beaches, is finished, the sandy areas of Benidorm will maintain the system of plots and also the lifeguard service, which in our city is operational for 11 months at a time during the year". In addition, the opening hours of the beaches, the 6-meter promenade from the shore, as well as police surveillance are maintained.

Likewise, it has reported that "after the Bridge, and in view of the foreseeable reduction in users, the control staff who since the reopening of the beaches on 15th June have ceased to provide service, they have been in charge of controlling accesses and gauges, also offering the user all the information on the modulation and operations implemented on our beaches to make them totally safe and comfortable, and also ensuring bathing for all people ”.

On the first day without this staff, the mayor highlighted “the exemplary behavior that all those people who have approached our beaches today are having, respecting at all times the operation of the subdivision system and the rules of use that have worked in the last four months ”. Toni Pérez has been "convinced" that "civility will continue to prevail on our beaches, since users have internalized that this system and these rules are the best guarantee to enjoy a totally safe day".

The mayor has announced that "work is already under way on the new modulation of the beaches that will operate from the next few weeks, coinciding with the change to winter time."