The Cava Aragonesa and the Tabernita del Centro win the first prizes of the eleventh edition of the Tapas and Pinchos Contest

October 11, 2021
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This morning the prizes for the eleventh edition of the Tapas and Pinchos Contest were handed out, within the framework of the 'Gastronomic Benidorm' events and organized by Abreca and the Benidorm City Council's Tourism Department. Between September 24 and October 3, taking advantage of a notable improvement in conditions and regulatory restrictions due to the effects of the pandemic, the jury and the public visited the 17 participating establishments. 

After the votes counted, the prizes have gone to the gastronomic proposals presented by La Tabernita del Centro, in the 'Traditional Tapa / Pincho' modality and La Cava Aragonesa, in the 'Tapa / Original Pincho' and 'Special Audience Award' modalities. "The delicious sandwich to eat in two bites" and the "Bacadito de suckling pig" have achieved the highest scores from a professional jury and a very active public, through the Gastroeventos App and through the evaluation brochures, which have been determined winners.

The delivery of the accrediting diplomas was held today at the Torrejó Municipal Building, in the Tourism Area, in an event that brought together a good number of local hospitality professionals and was attended by the first deputy mayor, Ana Pellicer, and other members of the municipal corporation together with the president of Abreca-Cobreca (Association of Bars, Restaurants and Cafeterias of Benidorm), Javier del Castillo, and the godfather of Benidorm Gastronomico 2021, José Miguel Martínez.

The professional jury was composed of the restaurateurs Francisco José Cano Fuster, Cristina Isabel Figueira Blanco and José Miguel Martínez Baldó, together with the gastronomic critics Lluís Ruiz Soler, Angeles Ruiz García and Carlos Corredor 

Each restaurant proposed a creation that has been voted, on the one hand, by a professional jury and, on the other, by the general public. The public has been able to vote for the culinary creations by visiting the different establishments and tasting them. To do this, ballot boxes were installed in the participating premises to deposit in them the leaflets stamped by at least five of the 17 participating establishments. Voting has also been done through the Gastroeventos APP.

For the participating public, an award for their participation has been provided for one more year. From the draw for those who participated through the Gastroeventos App, the participant registered as 'Maylo' has been the winner of a dinner for two, who will receive the communication by email. Among the votes recorded in brochures, the winner has been a neighbor of Cuéllar, Salamanca, who will receive his prize to enjoy it on his next stay in Benidorm.

After the awards ceremony, the president of Abreca, Francisco Javier del Castillo, highlighted "the enthusiasm" with which everyone has participated and "the effort in originality and raw materials" to specify "in a bite the essence of gastronomy that Benidorm drives day by day, even in the most difficult moments that the sector has gone through in recent times ”.

The first deputy mayor, closing the event, thanked the 17 establishments for “the participation”, encouraging them to continue in this line of “professional good work and quality”, noting that “the good time that we are undoubtedly enjoying this end of week ", like the rest of the summer," is the result of a great and good job "such as that developed" in campaigns such as #BenidormTeEspera, which are generating their fruits "and the effort of the professionals of the restaurant and hospitality industry that" in addition to the timing and consequences of the pandemic, they now suffer the effects of issues such as the rising price of electricity that affects the entire hospitality process and makes it more difficult to balance the numbers ”. For Pellicer,  

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Complete list of winners

Traditional Tapa / Pincho Category:
- First prize: the Tabernita del Centro, with the “Delicious Montadito to eat in two bites” cover / skewer
- Second prize: the Brasería Aurrerá, with the “Stew skewer” of squid "
- Third prize: the Mesón-Cervecería Cruz Blanca, with the cover / skewer" Grilled artichoke with flavors of Alicante

Original Tapa / Pincho Category:
- First prize: the Cava Aragonesa, with the “Bocadito de Suchinillo” cover / pincho
- Second prize: the Dehesa de Don Saturnino, with the “Alazne” cover / pincho
- Third prize: Maüi Beach Gastroloungue, with the cover / skewer "Exotic tuna sandwich with avocado tempura"

Category Tapa / Pincho Special Prize of the Public
- First prize: the Aragonese Cava, with the cover / pincho “Bocadito de Suckling Pig”
- Second prize: the Tabernita del Centro, with the cover / pincho “Delicious montadito to eat in two bites”
- Third prize: the Brasería Aurrerá, with the “Squid stew skewer” cover / skewer.