2021 Veneration of Sant Jaume in the streets of Benidorm

November 16, 2021

The second big day of the Festes Majors Patronals 2021 has continued this afternoon with the solemn procession in honor of Sant Jaume that left shortly after 7:00 p.m. from the door of the Parish Church of Sant Jaume and Santa Anna, towards Calle Mayor. 

Hundreds of residents and tourists have gathered in the central streets through which the procession has passed on a late night of mantilla and popular devotion. The mayor, Toni Pérez, along with the mayor of Fiestas, Jesús Carrobles, have accompanied the Queens Mayor and Infantil, Paula Pérez and Sofía Fuster, along the route, along with a large representation of the municipal Corporation that has been joined the regional deputy, Manuel Pérez Fenoll.

Along with the images, the president of the Commission of Festes Majors Patronals, Batiste Rostoll, and its president in perpetuity, Francisco Llorens, 'Paco Rosera'; that of the Associació de Penyes 'Verge del Sofratge', Adrián Romero; the standard bearer 2021, Vicente Fuster, mayorales, mayorales de honor and members of different local entities.

The image of the saint, on the shoulders of the 'Costalers de Sant Jaume', has continued its journey through Carmela Martínez street, Plaza del Torrejó, Virgen del Sufragio and Martínez Alejos avenues, Plaza de la Creu and La Alameda to resume, in the sense On the contrary, the Calle Mayor again and finish in the Plaza de Sant Jaume, where the traditional 'stamp' that has illuminated the already closed night has been lit.

Next, and inside the parish church, the priest Juan Antonio González has read the list with the proposal of the 66 mayorales who will assume the great responsibility of the organization of the Festes Majors Patronals next year.


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