9,000 Benidorm school children return to school

September 08, 2020
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Around 9,000 schoolchildren in the 2nd cycle of Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary and post-compulsory education in Benidorm return to school as of yesterday, as the mayor, Toni Pérez, who along with Maite Moreno, attended the start of the 2020/2021 school year at CEIP Gabriel Miró.

Toni Pérez has indicated that this first school day has started "with absolute normality" and with "many extraordinary measures" due to the situation generated by Covid-19. He stressed that "the educational communities" of each and every one of the Benidorm centers "have been working to adapt with protocols and contingency plans to be able to serve as best as possible" the reality with which the course begins school 2020/2021. It has affected that this work has been constant and uninterrupted, since the last instructions from the Ministry arrived last Thursday at 9pm.

The mayor recalled that the Benidorm City Council has also adopted "special measures" for the new academic year, such as reinforcing the cleaning and disinfection of the facilities of the educational centers, with a new stable and permanent staff during business hours. classes, as well as the accesses and environments of each of them. Prevention measures have also been adopted in school transport, such as daily disinfection of vehicles and the allocation of seats.

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In addition, the City Council has carried out "actions that have made it possible to improve the facilities and infrastructures of the educational centers for this school year with a direct investment of more than €400,000", which has also reached municipal nursery schools that resumed their teaching activity and face-to-face for your students on 1st July. Another €400,000 will be added to this investment in the coming months, once all the improvements scheduled by the City Council for the main building of the CEIP Leonor Canalejas are executed.

On the first day of the school year, to which the students will gradually be incorporated throughout the week, Toni Pérez insisted that the return to the classroom is being done "with all the guarantees and safety regulations"; and he added that "we have to lose fear" since there is "an educational need in our minors" and "we also have to attend to their socialisation."

Investment in student transportation

The mayor has also reported on the investment made by the City Council to subsidise transportation to the students of the Salt de l'Aigua school complex and the IES Mediterrània. Specifically, the City Council will provide this course €157,794. With this amount, 100% of the cost of transporting the Infant and Primary students of the Gabriel Miró and Mestre Gaspar López schools is covered, excluded from regional transport, while most of the cost of the journey is subsidized to Secondary students of the five HEIs in the city: Pere Maria Orts i Bosch, l'Almadrava, Beatriu Fajardo de Mendoza, Bernat de Sarrià and Mediterrània.

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