Benidorm Council approves the renovation project for Calle Mallorca, (The British Square) which involves an investment of close to one million euros

November 19, 2020
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Located at the junction of Av. de Mallorca and Calle Gerona in the centre of the action, ”The Square” as it's usually referred to by locals and British Tourists is one of the liveliest night time destinations in the city and is not for the faint of heart.

The Local Government Board (JGL) approved the project of 'Renovation and improvement of the water infrastructure in Calle Mallorca', which reaches a large part of this road and which involves an investment of close to one million euros. The Councilor for Works, José Ramón González de Zárate, has reported that this project, drawn up by the water concessionaire at the request of the City Council, comprises a section of 300 linear meters of Calle Mallorca, specifically between Calle Ibiza and Avenida del Mediterráneo. 

De Zárate explained that “the project proposes to renew all public services, from the drinking water and rainwater networks, to the sewerage and lighting; as well as totally improving the urban scene ”.

As indicated, "the hydraulic infrastructures are in poor condition, having detected losses in the drinking water and sewerage network." Hence, it is necessary to act to improve efficiency and reduce maintenance costs, replacing the current drinking water pipeline and the creation of a wastewater collector that connects with the new infrastructure on Avenida del Mediterráneo. The replacement of the rainwater network is also planned, incorporating a new one, as well as the installation of hydrants.

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In addition, all the lighting will be renewed with the installation of "powerful" LED lights as it is a section "with a lot of people pasing through"; The entire pedestrian section, which runs between Ibiza and Gerona, will be repaved, as well as the road in the area open to traffic –between Gerona and the Mediterranean. The project also includes “maintaining the existing palm trees and replanting the missing ones”. De Zárate has advanced that "we are evaluating" the use of "a printed pavements of different colours and very striking".

The mayor has indicated that the intention is "to be able to tender the work in a matter of two or three weeks, to be able to start the work at the beginning of 2021", taking advantage of the decrease in activity in this area, in which "tourism predominantly British". "The idea is to try to carry out the bulk of the work before the hotels, pubs and establishments in the area reopen, so that when tourists arrive it is completed or well advanced."

De Zárate recalled that a few weeks ago the 'Renovation of drinking water and sanitation infrastructures on Avenida de Roma' was also approved, which also includes the adaptation of the urban scene, road and pavements of this 320-meter-long road, located in the upper area of ​​the Rincón de Loix neighbourhood, and which will also be executed in 2021.

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