Benidorm works to establish a safe air corridor with the British Isles

September 15, 2020
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Benidorm has been working to achieve a safe tourist corridor with the British Isles, referenced at the Alicante-Elche Airport. From Visit Benidorm, the steps are developed to get, together with the private initiative and a tour operator, the green light from the Spanish and British governments for the establishment of the same.

Mayor Toni Pérez has said that "Benidorm has proven to be a safe destination and that both the City Council and the sector have implemented effective measures to minimize the impact and risks of covid", the protocols implemented, which are already a reference and that "not a single case has been registered among international tourists."

The work bases go through tests prior to the departure and return of British tourists, the protocols developed in the city and the monitoring availabilities and refuge alternatives already developed, as well as the reinforcement and application of the Benidorm DTI + roadmap Surely, among other achievements, "it has enabled more than two million users to enjoy safe, free beaches every day"

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Valuing this initiative, Mayor Toni Pérez stressed that "this summer we have worked with successful formulas that have demonstrated the minimization of the risk and impact of the covid, as well as the work capacity and professionalism with which the situation has been managed."

The mayor, after highlighting the effort of all tourist destinations, in general, regretted "that the Government prioritises the islands to the detriment of peninsular destinations", a practice that already began in July "and on which we already transferred our most absolute disagreement ".

Toni Pérez recalled the importance of the British market also in peninsular destinations and especially in Benidorm "where British residents and tourists have expressed feeling safer than in the United Kingdom."