L'Alfàs del Pi Christmas toy appeal

November 25, 2021
For a secound year L'Alfàs del Pi is supporting the campaign of the 'Tree of Corazón Express' (Heart Express). It's an initiative that aims to have Christmas gifts for all the boys and girls in the region.
The trees have been installed in a lots buildings with cards where the age of the boy or girl is specified so that the gift can go to the right age group.  
If you would like to join in and support the campaign you just have to locate one of the Heart Express solidarity trees, choose one of the cards and buy a gift.
You can find a tree in the hall of the City Hall of l’Alfàs and in the House of Culture. Also in a dozen establishments in the municipality, such as You Lounge Bar, Plaza Mexico, Corral Pollos & Grill, Centro Sarepta, Kiro Nilsson, Medicine Manual Albir, NaturTek, Academia Studio and Novaluz Optics.
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The mayor of l’Alfàs, Vicente Arques, and the councilors of Cooperation and Voluntary, Isabel Muñoz, and of Residents, Martine Mertens, have launced the toy appeal together with the president of Corazón Express, Magdalena López, the secretary of the association, Tone Dysjaland, and Emilia Moratinos, one of the volunteers. The president of the Social Volunteer Association of l’Alfàs, Antonio Viso, has also participated, as the gifts collected are distributed among different associations, collectives and social welfare departments of the region for Let them reach the less resourceful families.
Corazón Exprés is a charitable association that seeks to connect resources with need, uniting people and entities with an altruistic social vision and families in emergency situations. In addition to providing specific financial assistance, Corazón Exprés supports the transformation of people's quality of life through support for family and financial development. Currently, they collaborate with the social services departments of various municipalities and with different associations, in addition to providing advice and help to the elderly and people in emergency situations.
The campaign is in it's third year and it's growing year on year. In the first year had 7 the second 14 and this third year 29. 
The deadline to submit gifts ends on the 17th December.