The Municipal Archive incorporates video footage from the late 1950s donated by a German citizen

November 24, 2021
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The Municipal Archive is going to incorporate new audiovisual material into its collections. In this case, they are video footage of a German family's vacation in Benidorm at the end of the 1950s; a material donated by the citizen Maximilian Greeven and "of great informative value, since it shows the first years of tourist development and what it was like to stay in the city for the first international vacationers". This is what the Councilor for Historical Heritage, Ana Pellicer, has said today, who explained that this donation will be accepted in the next plenary session, "incorporating this material into the Municipal Archive funds for consultation and study by researchers." 

The mayor thanked Maximilian Greeven who "wanted to share with Benidorm a material that for him undoubtedly has great value on a sentimental level and that for the city also has it from a historical, sociological and tourist point of view." 

The donated audiovisual material is compiled on a DVD, with a duration of 1 hour 13 seconds, and includes color images from the years 1957 and 1958 in which, for example, the bay of Benidorm can be seen from a boat, the island, the port, the Castell, the Elche park and our Levante beach, where the traditional villas coexisted with the construction of the first apartment buildings. 

Pellicer has stressed that with this donation “Greeven shows his esteem for the city in which he lived the summers of his childhood and to which he has attended regularly for 50 years, until residing there for long periods and being part of his daily life. ”. "His is, without a doubt, a clear case of tourist loyalty to Benidorm," he added. 

The councilor has encouraged "citizens who have material of this type, be it videos, photographs or documentation, to give it or donate it to the Municipal Archive in order to, together, increase the historical heritage of Benidorm and bear witness to its recent past. and not so recent ”. 

Pellicer recalled that "in recent months the audiovisual collections of the Municipal Archive have increased with this donation, as well as with the digitization of material." Specifically, the mayor has referred to "the 16 and 35 mm films recovered at the beginning of the year, with the collaboration of the Valencian Film Library, and which correspond to promotional videos of the city from the 70s and 80s". In addition, "the Department of Historical Heritage is working to access new audiovisual material of interest." 

The councilor has advanced that "although this material is available to researchers, we want the general public to also know it and hence the intention is to organize an exhibition of these family films and videos in the near future."