Traffic issues until Friday on Calle Atocha and surrounding areas due to road improvement works

September 21, 2021
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To finish off the construction works of the new wastewater collector on Calle Atoche, from today, Tuesday 21st September until Friday 24th there will be specific cuts on this road and in some neighbouring streets to complete the improvement work on the road . As reported by the Department of Mobility, these works will be carried out in different phases to affect as little as possible road traffic.  

Between 2:00pm and 4:00pm, these tasks will move to the Ricardo Bayona section between Aviendia Jaime I and Calle Atocha. For this reason, access to Ricardo Bayona from Jaime I will be closed during those two hours, thus avoiding the times of highest traffic density. While the cut lasts, vehicles that want to access Foietes from Jaime I must do so through Arnedo. 

With regard to milling on Calle Atocha, there will be specific cuts as the work progresses and they will be organized with signage and vertical signage. 

On Thursday and Friday they will be asphalted.