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Altea reduces municipal debt by eleven million euros

Written by on December 6, 2018

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Article Written & Published By: Diario Informacion
Translated from Spanish to English

Altea reduces by almost eleven million euros the municipal debt that existed in 2015

The government team began to govern with 21.5 million debt and closed 2017 with 10.6 million after paying seven to cancel the PAI of the Algar

In two and a half years, the government team of Altea has managed to reduce the bank debt of the City in 10.9 million euros as reported by the Councilor for Finance, Pere Lloret, at the last plenary session.

In this session the general account of 2017 was approved with the favorable votes of the political groups that govern Altea (Compromís, PSOE and Altea amb Trellat).

The mayor of Finance said that “when we started governing in 2015 we have a bank debt of 21.5 million euros,” which is why “we apply a drastic reduction in debt that allowed us to close 2017 with 10.6 million euros of bank debt”.

Lloret explained that “the high rate of extraordinary amortization, favored by the decision of the government team to maintain the level of income, has allowed us to face very calmly the payment of the 7 million euros that had to be returned to Construcciones Ballester for the cancellation of the PAI Los Puentes del Algar “.

Pere Lloret explained that the “general account” is fundamentally “an instrument of control by means of which the local entities comply with the obligation to render accounts before the Audit Office of their patrimonial situation, of their results and of how the financial year has been developed.

“In addition to this aspect of external control, “the general account is a reference when evaluating the management of the economic, financial, patrimonial and budgetary aspects,” the mayor said.

Lloret remarked that “the figures and indicators confirm a trend: that of the progressive improvement of the economic and financial situation of the City Council” and added that “we are facing a good economic situation”, because “the liquidity and short-term solvency ratios term they indicate that we have no problem in fulfilling our obligations to suppliers and that we do so in a more than reasonable time. ”

The PP takes out chest
In the popular municipal group were very critical of the municipal government team for the general accounts for the year 2017.

The popular deputy spokeswoman, Rocío Gómez, said that “the tripartite is attributed to its management what the PP began doing in 2012 , when we approved the Economic Sanitation Plan with a series of measures to reduce spending to reach 2021 without debt.

These measures are bearing fruit and Altea is reducing its debt year after year as established by us”. According to the mayor, “the PP reduced the IBI in the worst years of the crisis to soften its impact, and the tripartite has not lowered anything despite the fact that it was included as a measure in the Sanitation Plan.

In addition, they continue to charge more taxes to pay the banks when the surpluses are higher each year. Money that could be used to reactivate the economy and benefit the Alterans”.

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