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Article by Euro Weekly News IT has only taken 137 years and €4.6 million but now Barcelona’s iconic (and as yet unfinished) Sagrada Familia basilica has finally been given planning permission.  In a process that old hands in Spain might recognise (things are different now after a string of corruption cases led to a tightening […]

Article by: The Independent Finding otherworldliness in the least likely of places, photographer Al Mefer has captured the modernist beauty of Benidorm’s hotel complexes  Spanish photographer and neuroscientist Al Mefer has captured some out-of-this-world images of Benidorm’s Martian structures. The photographs of the buildings were post-processed and laid on a coloured background to create the illusion they are floating, or […]

Article by: Euro Weekly News A MAN was hospitalised for 10 days in Spain after being bitten by a spider whose venom is 15 times more toxic than that of a cobra. Manuel Gil from Elda, Alicante, sought medical help after he was bitten and the wound became infected. Although he has now returned home, […]

Article by : @leadernewspaper  A private plane en route from Amsterdam skidded off the runway at Alicante airport just before 2pm on Thursday afternoon The Civil Guard and Aena, who attended the incident, say that four people were slightly injured, two passengers and the two pilots. It is thought that the accident could have been […]

Listen on Cool Radio Now: Press the LISTEN aboveArticle Written & Published By:  EL PAÍS EL PAÍS The British embassy has issued travel advice on how to prepare for Saturday’s game between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur at the Wanda Metropolitan Stadium EL PAÍS More than 67,000 soccer fans are expected to attend the Champions League finals between […]

Article by : Euro Weekly News Media As outlined in Grace Nichols’s poem ‘Hurricane Hits England’ – in which the West Indian writer is reminded of her homeland when the Caribbean weather hits England in the form of a hurricane – it can be difficult to keep hold of our roots when we move away […]

Listen on Cool Radio Now: Press the LISTEN above Article Written & Published By: Daily Mail Group of FIFTEEN Britons are escorted off jet after ‘causing drunken mayhem’ on flight to Majorca A dozen police cars were waiting on the tarmac of Palma airport for the group They reportedly refused to put their seatbelts on and walked down […]

Listen on Cool Radio Now: Press the LISTEN above Benidorm Bar Launches Full English Pizza A Benidorm bar has created the ultimate indulgence for booze-filled and hungover Brits, holidaying in sunny Spain – a pizza topped with a full English breakfast. Good Times Bar and Grill, in the heart of the Costa Blanca resort, is serving up […]

Listen on Cool Radio Now: Press the LISTEN above Article Written & Published in Spanish By: Diario Informacion Translated by Google from Spanish to English The summer is coming.. The City Council last all the operation on the beaches to start the high season on Saturday Summer is here. The State Meteorological Agency predicts that today’s start will […]

Listen on Cool Radio Now: Press the LISTEN above Article Written & Published By: The Mirror Boozy Brits to be BANNED from Benidorm for offensive behaviour Benidorm authorities are cracking down on boozy troublemakers and are looking to ban them from the country Benidorm authorities are cracking down on boozy troublemakers (Image: Getty Images) Benidorm is set […]