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Brits Cant’s Stop Breaking House Rules!

Written by on April 13, 2019

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Brits Cant’s Stop Breaking House Rules!

Not taking your shoes off on entry, asking for the WIFI password – and using your mobile phone at the dinner table have emerged as house rules guests break most regularly, it has emerged.

Research also revealed polite guests should always use a coaster when setting their drink down and always put the toilet seat down.

Steering clear of private areas of the house, not swearing in the presence of your host and sitting down at the table without washing your hands also made the list.

Leaving your host to do the washing up is also considered ‘rude’.

The study also revealed while 71 per cent said there aren’t any particular rules they have which a guest must follow, those that do said it’s just a matter of ‘respect’.

And one in 10 adults have gone to the extreme of refusing to hand out their WiFi

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