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Listen on Cool FM Now: Press the LISTEN above McDonald’s Cheeseburger Candle For Sale !! Fast food fans are waxing lyrical about an amazing new scented candle – which smells exactly like a McDonald’s cheeseburger. Online shopping website Grey Lines claims the £16 candle lasts for 30 hours and spreads the aroma of beef, onions, pickle, ketchup, […]

Listen on Cool FM Now: Press the LISTEN above A nap is as good as pills for blood pressure An afternoon nap is just as effective as taking a pill to cut blood pressure, research suggests. Scientists found those who enjoyed a midday snooze were more likely to experience a drop in readings compared to adults who […]

Fray Bentos Launches Vegetarian Pie in a Tin Fray Bentos, makers of the iconic tinned meat pie, has gone vegetarian for the first time in its 140-year history. The brand, founded in 1881 and owned by Baxters since 2011, is launching its first ever meat-free snack – with hungry customers able to pick one up […]

Listen on Cool FM Now: Press the LISTEN above There Is A Right Way To Hang Your Loo Roll If you’ve ever sat and contemplated which way is the right way to hang toilet roll, we have some good news. Australian consumer organisation, CHOICE, has set the record straight, revealing the answer to the age-old conundrum. The […]

Listen on Cool FM Now: Press the LISTEN above 65% Brit Couples Eat Same Meal Night After Night Two thirds of British couples eat the same thing night after night despite being bored of what they’re serving up because they’re too tired to experiment, research claims. A study of 2000 men and women in relationships found many […]

Listen on Cool FM Now: Press the LISTEN above CRISPY PANCAKES ARE BACK Birds Eye (formerly known as Findus) has decided its bringing back the classic Friday night dinner staple, over forty years since the frozen food staple first launched. Appearing in the frozen ready meal aisle of Sainsbury’s from now, a pack of four will set […]

Listen on Cool FM Now: Press the LISTEN above Time to confess: Do you know what Shrove Tuesday means? The name Shrove Tuesday seems to be falling out of fashion. A Google search returns a paltry 3,800,000 results, compared to 30,600,000 for Pancake Tuesday, and a big fat 251,000,000 for Mardi Gras. But while many people will […]

Listen on Cool FM Now: Press the LISTEN above Article Written & Published in Spanish By: Diario Informacion Translated by Google from Spanish to English An app will notify in real time how a surgical operation is going to the patient’s relatives The alert system avoids unnecessary waiting and informs the companions of where and how the sick […]

Listen on Cool FM Now: Press the LISTEN above Peaky Blinders Bar threatened legal action … you know .. Copyright and that A Peaky Blinders-themed bar has been issued a cease and desist notice by the producers of the BBC series. The Peaky Blinders bar in Manchester, which opened last December, is a 1920s-style bar in which […]

Listen on Cool FM Now: Press the LISTEN above Naturists Break Roller Coaster Record A British theme park has scooped the world record for the most naked people on a rollercoaster. An impressive 195 naked people boarded the famous Grand National ride at Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach on Saturday, with the thrill seekers braving 50F (10C) winter chills […]