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G.O.T: How Much To Insure The Show ?

Written by on April 15, 2019

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Game Of Thrones: How Much To Insure The Show ?

An Irish insurance broker has calculated the cost of building Game of Thrones’ Winterfell – and it’s a nearly €900,000,000.

The King of the North’s castle, which is expected to come under serious threat before the end of the show, is one of the largest in Westeros.

The estimated cost of rebulding the 8,000-year-old castle and surrounding buildings is €895,370,064.70, according to insurance company

The Killarney brokers also quoted Jon Snow an annual premium of €6,062,306.84 for the northern stronghold ahead of the show’s final season.

Simon Gallivan, director of, said “Jon Snow’s not known for his smarts but he could do worse than take us up on our offer of insurance considering the potential hazards he’ll face over the coming weeks.

“Admittedly it’s a chunky quote but if his credit rating is anything like that of the Lannisters we’ll happily arrange a payment plan.”

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