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Holiday Fraud: Useful Tips To Stay Safe

Written by on May 8, 2019

Holiday Fraud: Useful Tips To Stay Safe

According to new research, more than 5,000 people were the victims of holiday booking fraud last year, with their total losses amounting to 7 million pounds

So, to make sure you’re not a victim of holiday fraud, here’s a few tips…

• Make sure the “adventure” in any adventure holiday you book doesn’t involve making

• your own way back home when the firm you booked with disappears without trace with your money

• Be very suspicious if the holiday ad mentions “A sunshine break In Scotland”

• Be even more suspicious if the ad mentions “A fun family camping holiday in the UK”, as there’s no such thing – They’re all miserable experiences

• Don’t trust any holiday ad that mentions “Soaking up the Spanish culture in Benidorm, coz there isn’t any

• Always check that the holiday accommodation you’re about to book online is actually real by travelling out to the resort where it’s based for a couple of weeks with your family

• If you’re booking a holiday in Africa, where they promise to treat you like royalty, don’t think this means it’s OK to forward your money to the bank account of a Nigerian prince

• Be wary of any firm advertising certain holidays in Holland during the summer – Skiing holidays, mainly

• To avoid disappointment, never book anywhere in haste… and to avoid even more disappointment, never book anywhere in Hastings

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