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Hotels beat tourist apartments & campsites from occupancy in January to March

Written by on May 15, 2019

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The hotels of the Valencian Community gain ground to tourist apartments and campsites from January to March

HOSBEC takes tourist balance of the Valencian Community of the first three months of the year

The hotels of the Valencian Community gain ground to tourist apartments and campsites from January to March

The hotels of the Region of Valencia show ” good results ” in the first quarter of 2019, with more than 5 million overnight stays from January to March, 1.4% in the same period of the previous year.

Thus, its average occupation stands at 59.4%, with 3.8% more tourists staying, whose average stay is three days.

On the contrary, tourist apartments and campsites in the region recorded “negative trends” with a fall in the number of overnight stays of more than 14% and up to 25%, respectively.

This is reflected in the reports Hosbec Monitor, Abectur Monitor and Camping Monitor prepared by the department BigDataHOSBEC that analyze the tourism activity of the Valencian Region in the first quarter of 2019.

According to this study, the personnel directly linked to hotel establishments grew by 128 employees, reaching 12,884 workers in the Region.

In general, all areas show “a positive trend with respect to 2018 during the months of January and February, but negative in March”, the document points out.


The province of Alicante gains 3.1% of tourists in hotels until reaching the 794,000 in the first quarter, which translates into 3.3% more overnight stays, with an average stay of four days, and the average occupation is situated in 59.8%.

The case of Benidorm , the main tourist attraction, comes to an end with an increase in the number of travelers in hotels of 3.6% and overnight stays in hotels (+ 1%), exceeding 2 million. Hotel occupancy is among the highest in Spain with an average of 79.4% and an average stay of 5.4 days.

Almost two thirds of the hotel activity developed in the province of Alicante takes place in Benidorm, where the sector employs 4,464 people.


Despite the fact that the province of Castellón suffers a “slight fall” in travelers staying in hotels the first quarter of 2019 (-1.9%), managed to maintain the number of overnight stays in a stable manner in this period (+ 0.2% ).

Hotels registered an average occupancy of 42.6% and tourists stayed an average of 2.3 days. In total, 1,238 people throughout the province provide labor services in hotel companies in the province.

Although Castellón de la Plana starts 2019 with negative results compared to the same period last year, the decrease is not relevant, since the volume of travelers and overnight stays is not significant.

Castellón de la Plana has received about 48,000 travelers who have stayed in hotels, which has meant something more than 84,000 overnight stays. The average stay was 1.8 days and the average occupation exceeded 42%.

Peñíscola is one of the main tourist points of the province. The results of March double those registered in January and February: “it is a destination where seasonality is somewhat more pronounced”, the study points out.

The number of overnight stays exceeds 136,000. About 42,000 travelers stayed and an average of 2.9 days, the average occupation was 37.3%.


The province of Valencia grew by 4.7% to 1.5 million hotel overnight stays and 719,000 travelers (5.9% more than in the first quarter of 2018).

Despite having six fewer establishments, 3,658 people provide labor services in hotel companies in the province of Valencia. The average stay is 2.1 days and the average occupation is 60.1%.

The municipality of Gandía borders the 139,000 hotel overnight stays in the first quarter and houses more than 34,000 travelers. The average stay is greater than that of the entire province of Valencia, of 3.9 days. Hotel occupancy is 67.9% and the staff hired totals 475 people.

Special reference deserves the hotel behavior of the city of Valencia. With 880.809 overnight stays and 407.670 of tourists staying, it grows 2.3% in hotel production and exceeds the average stay in the province to reach 2.2 days and a 65.9% average occupancy.

More than half of all tourist activity in the province takes place in its capital.


Benidorm (with 2,073,454 overnight stays) remains in the fifth national position as a tourist destination with the highest number of hotel overnight stays and is the first holiday destination on the peninsula. It is only surpassed by Madrid (4.7 million), Barcelona (4.5 million), San Bartolomé de Tirajana (3 million) and Adeje (2.5 million), which located in the Canary Islands are working a large part of its high season in these months.

By degree of average hotel occupancy, Benidorm stands as the peninsular tourist spot with the best data, since the rest of the municipalities that make up this G20 by occupation and that are above Benidorm are all Canarian municipalities. Gandía and València also slip into the ranking in 18th and 20th place.


The reports also include economic information regarding the average rate (ADR) and average income per available room (RevPar) data. In the first quarter of 2019, the Comunitat Valenciana recorded a RevPar of 35.26 euros, slightly higher than that of the first quarter of 2018, and the ADR was 60.18 euros.

València is the city of the Region with the best results, since its ADR is the highest: 77.9 euros, and its RevPar (52.4 euros) places it well above the national average.

Benidorm also stands out for exceeding the average RevPar of the Comunitat and reaching 39.37 euros of income per available room. It is the second best data of the Region, as well as the average rate (ADR), which has been at 57.81 euros.


The results generated by the tourist apartments in the Comunitat Valenciana in January, February and March 2019, on the other hand, have registered a “generalized negative trend” this first quarter with respect to 2018. Only Benidorm and the province of Castellón obtain a positive result in overnight stays. in apartments (+ 8.7% and + 8.6% respectively).

In the case of the province of Valencia, the number of travelers staying in apartments falls to 12.3% and 14.4% the number of overnight stays, compared to the first quarter of 2018.

Benidorm is the first peninsular municipality in overnight stays in tourist apartments, 476,719, 90.5% of them foreigners. In the TOP 10 of Spanish destinations, the municipality of Calpe appears in seventh position as one of the tourist spots with a longer average stay in tourist apartments.


The campsites of the Comunitat Valenciana follow a trend similar to that of the apartments and the same phenomenon in March both in the hotel sector and in the tourist apartments with “negative trends” of up to 25% less than overnight stays in the case of the province of Valencia and 6.5% less in the campsites in Benidorm in March. A fact that Hosbec blames “probably the displacement of Holy Week in 2019 to the month of April.”

However, the good average occupancy in the first quarter of the campsites in the Region stands out, where all areas exceed the national average, with 38.1%. For example, Benidorm registers 89.8% of average occupation and the Comunitat in general 61.7%.

In the ranking of Spanish tourist points of this first quarter, Benidorm is at the top of overnight stays (491,763), surpassing by a large difference municipalities such as Cartagena, Oliva and Marbella.

Other destinations such as Benicàssim, Peñíscola and El Campello are also included in this ranking, occupying the 5th, 6th and 9th positions respectively. Benidorm also repeats in first position by occupation degree by parcel (66.3%) and by average stay (30 days).

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