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How can technology help us connect with our British roots away from home?

Written by on May 30, 2019

Article by : Euro Weekly News Media

As outlined in Grace Nichols’s poem ‘Hurricane Hits England’ – in which the West Indian writer is reminded of her homeland when the Caribbean weather hits England in the form of a hurricane – it can be difficult to keep hold of our roots when we move away from our home country.

The poem was written in 2000 when our technological capabilities to connect to other parts of the world were there but were limited to expensive phone calls or writing letters.

Modern technology has understood the desire and the need to move away from home but also stay as connected as we can to where we came from.– Advertisement —

Sometimes it’s not enough to just be able to speak to back home and we feel it’s important to us to stay connected to our British roots while we are away. But what about moving away from the UK and aiming to stay connected to your British roots – how can modern technology help with this?

Staying Physically Connected to the UK

Just twenty years ago, moving away from the UK could feel like being on another planet, rather than just another country or continent.

You would be essentially cut off from the life you had known before and depending on where you were, could experience a completely different way of life.

The culture shock that many experienced back then has been somewhat remedied by modern technology.

We have the technology to run Skype calls, to send endless texts, images and videos, and to make calls across time zones without breaking the bank. Modern technology has helped reconnect us with our home country when we are away from the UK.

It’s noticeable when we’re on holiday how connected we remain by being able to access our emails, communicate with friends, stay in touch with the group chats, and even – through smart technology – see what is going on in our houses.

Indeed, Nest makes it easy to install cameras throughout the house and garden that can be viewed on mobile devices to see what is happening at home while we are away. We can even answer the door via video from the beach on the other side of the world. People have used this technology to watch their pets being looked after or just to ensure everything is as it should be. So being away from home means that while, physically, we might be elsewhere, we can maintain the same connections digitally as we would have done in person.

This perhaps explains the increase in people going travelling across the world: regular updates from home have the potential to keep homesick feelings at bay, removing that disconnected feeling that marred travelling in the past.

But, despite being able to communicate with home through modern technology, culture shock can still occur when you move somewhere new. When almost everything looks different from what we are used to, many still cite a longing for the way of life back home.

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