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Cool Weekend Afternoons

with Paul Webber

Behind The Presenter:

1) What led you to a career in radio?

Always wanted to be a presenter from the age of about 11! Started off in hospital radio back in the UK aged 20 something and landed my first full-time gig in 1989!

2) What is your routine before starting your show?

Coffee. Lots of coffee! Then I prep the show. But yeah, coffee first! No question.

3) What is the most challenging part of the job?

Thinking about what the listeners might be doing whilst they’re out there listening to the show!

4) Who is your favourite music artist and why do you like them?

Stevie Wonder. Without a doubt the most talented musician of our time. I’m a big soul and funk fan so he fits the bill perfectly.

5) Do you have a favourite hobby outside of radio?

Yeah, music editing and voice over work. It fascinates me.

6) What music do you listen to when you’re not working?

Again, it comes down to soul and funk. I’ve just discovered a band called The Brecker Brothers and their music is superb!

7) What advice would you give people who want to work in radio?

Don’t be a diva. Work hard. Be prepared to work for free to start with and work your way into a paid gig.

8) Be honest, best decade for music?

1970s. Latter part of that decade though, not the glam rock bit!

9) What’s your favourite beech on the Costa Blanca.

La Cala, This beautiful bay at Playa Finestrat offers amazing views of the mediterranean