2020 and already 5 rescues in 5 days by Alpha 1

January 06, 2020
News brought to you by Linea Directa.

There have already been five rescues in our region in the first five days of 2020.

There were two made by Helicopter Alpha 1 over the weekend alone, one on Piug Campana and another at Cabeçó d'Or.

The rescue service have issued the procedure you should follow if you get into trouble while out hiking or climbing, they include:

  • Take your mobile phone and make sure it's fully charged with the location settings on and you have WhatsApp on your phone.
  • If you find yourself in trouble firstly contact the emergency services on 1-1-2.
  • Then the Emergency Control Centre’s operator will quickly phone the caller. Using WhatsApp the operator will ask the caller to geo-localise his or her position which will be transmitted both the Alpha 1 (if the air rescue is needed) and to the ground teams .
  • It is then essential that the person with problems does not move from that site except if they are in danger and the emergency services tell them to. 

There are also medical professionals that travel in the helicopter and they make the first assessment and give initial care before transporting the rescued person to an ambulance or directly to the hospital.

Take care in 2020.