Agriculture grants more than €2 million from the Support Program for the Wine Sector

August 05, 2022
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The Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition has granted a total of 2,057,506.98 euros in aid from the Support Program for the Spanish Wine Sector (PASVE) 2019-2023.

With this call, the PASVE 2019-2023 concludes and gives way to the Sectorial Intervention in the Wine Sector (ISV) of the new PAC, within the Strategic Plan of the Common Agricultural Policy (PEPAC) 2023-2027.

The Valencian Community has presented 21 projects to the Ministry of Agriculture in 2022. At the Sectoral Conference on July 21, the distribution of funds was agreed, resulting in a definitive list of projects approved with financing from the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund (FEAGA) that includes the 11 Valencian files, with an eligible investment of 7,173,616 .27 euros, for which an average aid of 30% is granted, or what is the same, 2,057,506.98 euros in aid.

Most of the beneficiary entities are of a cooperative profile, and limited companies, all of them rooted in the Valencian Community.

These investments are of a productive nature, for the acquisition of machinery and process equipment, tanks, automatisms and quality control and improvement systems, and also oriented towards aspects of sustainability such as investments in alternative energy sources (photovoltaic), or reduction of emissions and effluents. It should be noted that more than 70% of the proposed investments directly affect photovoltaic installations to contribute to energy savings and sustainability principles

It is also important to highlight the efforts of wine companies that, despite being immersed in deep market tensions, first with the impact of Covid and now with the war between Russia and Ukraine, have managed to reorient their products towards new areas of consumption. world.

The General Director of the Common Agricultural Policy, Maite Cháfer, has pointed out that having a sectoral support program with 100% European financing (FEAGA) constitutes important support for operators, because it includes measures designed to address specific problems.

Cháfer has added that the management of the action is carried out with little room for maneuver because the criteria provided for in the regulatory bases are common for all of Spain and the singularities of each region are excessively blurred, which prevents the incorporation of criteria in accordance with the reality of each region. each autonomy.  

In any case, the demands of the Ministry of Agriculture have been partially estimated in the ISV and, as of 2023, investment projects that do not exceed 100,000 euros will be able to access aid from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (FEADER), which that will allow a sectoral policy more adapted to the characteristics of the Valencian productive-transforming sector.