Altea parish church without bells until Easter

February 14, 2020
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The Altea Parish Church will be without bells until Easter as they are having to be recast due to the deterioration because of the weather and salt air, so for two months you will not hear the ringing of the bells in Altea.

Yesterday the four bells from the church tower of Nuestra Señora del Consuelo, in the old town, were dismantled to proceed with their restoration and recast. José Abellán, the parish priest, said; that the largest bell, which is located in the vertical of the entrance, "is cracked and at risk of falling into the street, so it is necessary to recast it", while the other three "also need a restoration because they have rust on them."

The current bells were built between 1943 and 2005 as the previous ones were destroyed in the Civil War. The oldest is the one in the hollow that looks at the blue dome of the church, is called 'San Blas' and weighs 216 kilos. The one located on the door of the church was made in 1948 and is called 'Blessed Sacrament' and weighs 835 kilos. In 2000, the one that looks towards the garden and La Nucía, has the name 'Santíssim Crist del Sagrari', and wieighs 512 kilos. Finally, the one that was built in 2005 is located facing the main street and its name is 'Mare de Déu del Consol'.