Aula del Mar and musealisation of the 'castellum' del Tossal, first actions of the Tourism Sustainability Plan

May 02, 2021
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The creation and construction of the Aula del Mar and the fourth phase of musealisation of the 'castellum' of Tossal de La Cala will be two of the first actions of the Tourism Sustainability Plan to be processed. This has been transferred by the mayor, Toni Pérez, after establishing the Plan Monitoring Commission, a body that will be in charge of ensuring the development of the project and the fulfillment of the actions, and whose Management is assumed by the City Council in the figure of the municipal chief engineer Vicente Mayor. In the meeting, held this week, representatives of the three Administrations that finance the project participated electronically and the actions included in the project that are going to be addressed this year were addressed.

The mayor recalled that "Benidorm was one of the 25 Plans approved by the Secretary of State for Tourism among the more than 150 candidatures presented at the national level" and "its purpose is to consolidate the city as a smart, sustainable and insurance through the development of 19 actions that, we are convinced, will also contribute to the recovery of tourism activity after the crisis generated by Covid-19 ”. This Plan is multiannual and is endowed with €2.9 million euros, contributed by the Secretary of State for Tourism, Turisme Comunitat Valenciana and the City Council

Toni Pérez has indicated that “the construction of the Aula del Mar together with the creation of a public garden in front of the Levante seafront and the new phase of musealisation of the Tossal are two of the most iconic and outstanding actions of this Tourism Sustainability Plan. of two projects that delve into the positioning and cultural and heritage offer of Benidorm ”.

As the mayor recalled, the Tourism Sustainability Plan “is based on four axes: 'Infrastructure, more accessible and sustainable connected tourism resources'; 'Management, intelligent planning and creation and diversification of tourism products; 'Competitive transformation'; and 'Hygienic-Sanitary Security'.

Among the actions contemplated in the project, beyond those already mentioned, are also the execution of the Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change and Circular Economy; implementation of environmental sensors and entry filters to low emission zones; the promotion of the improvement and implementation of environmental certificates in the destination and companies; and the implementation of a sustainability observatory.

It is also contemplated the improvement of the implementation of quality in destination and companies, 'Big Data' tools and tourism intelligence, and monitoring and interaction with tourists due to the crisis in tourism demand; as well as the incorporation of risk management programs and safety and hygiene protocols, and the training of both managers and organizations for the creation and management of safer tourist experiences.