Benidorm announces tax cuts that benefit the entire population

July 18, 2020
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The mayor of Benidorm has announced a package of fiscal measures that will take place in plenary on the 27th and that will bring benefits to the entire population.

Toni Pérez stressed that "since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been developing a deep and constant analysis of the evolution of the local economy, the situation of families in Benidorm, the local productive fabric and the situation of the accounts themselves municipal "to adopt" numerous and varied measures, trying to alleviate the consequences of this crisis that we diagnosed in Benidorm, from minute one and beyond health, as a prelude to a profound social and economic crisis. "

The mayor has indicated that "in the next ordinary plenary session, to be held on Monday, 27th July, we will raise two proposals aimed at the entire population and in the area of ​​fiscal reductions in rates, public prices and taxes."

The first, Pérez explained, is "to establish bonuses for large families, foster families, single parents, people with functional diversity, retirees, pensioners and people with guaranteed minimum income registered in Benidorm, and in terms of the price of access and use of municipal facilities , training or actions, creating bonuses in the offer of sports, educational, cultural or recreational activities organized by the Benidorm City Council ”.

These are bonuses that affect six ordinances: “30, on sports facilities and courses; 33, of Education; 34, for nursery and early childhood schools; 35, for the municipal conservatory; the 39, of Youth; and 42, for Culture, with discounts of between 50 and 75% ”.

Regarding the second of the proposals, Toni Pérez stressed that "it implies a tax reduction of 50% of the ICIO, tax on constructions, facilities and works, until 31st March 2021". It is a proposal for a fiscal measure, via modification of the ordinance, aimed at the local productive fabric, promoting, stimulating and promoting the carrying out of certain activities, new construction or renovation, which in turn represent an impulse to promoting employment, also clearly resulting in the social and general interest of the city.  

Thus, the tax rate applicable to constructions, installations and works started from the publication in the BOP and the entry into force of this amendment until 03/31/2021 will be 2%.

Toni Pérez stressed that the government team is "permanently and constantly recalculating" the incidence of the effects of the pandemic on the execution of budgets and the impact on municipal revenues. The first measure was, recalled the mayor, "the containment of spending and the diversion of resources to serve the population, among others, with aid to families and the self-employed and companies." In this sense, he pointed out that "expenses have also been increased in social care, in guaranteeing food and obtaining basic resources, and services have been transformed to serve the population more and better."

And he concluded: "This government team is modulating, beyond the occurrence, the measures that it undertook from the first day, after demanding from the higher administrations a" plan for the special protection of tourism "or a" fiscal summer "that do not arrive " They are the municipal resources, he said, "which, even so, we are making available to our population."

Availability of the municipal surplus

The mayor took the opportunity to point out that even in this situation of social and economic crisis, "the Government does not respond to the request to release our surplus and although the law does not address lowering taxes for this year, we apply measures, such as these, that as soon as comply with its administrative procedure, will have a direct impact on the population ”.

And he went on to point out an added last-minute problem by the State Administration that leads to the plenary on Monday 27 must adopt the decision to "finance a 2017 call,, for which the City Council has already contributed its 40% (€ 1,612,000) and the Government has not tendered any amount and now demands that we put 100% of the program ”. Toni Pérez stressed that "in situations like this, the Government is not there to stress the cash of the City Councils and demand more from those we are complying with." The problem lies, explained the mayor, "in that if you don't pay you stay out of the call, and you don't know when they will return the money already consigned".

The Benidorm City Council, Pérez concluded, "works with certainties to get out of this situation," while stressing that measures such as the bonus in seven ordinances "benefit the entire population with repercussions of economic liquidity and the possibility of employment."