Benidorm approves the second remittance of the 'Parenthesis Grants' and reaches the €1.4 million granted

April 03, 2021
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Benidorm City Council has approved the second batch of the 'Parenthesis Aids', raising the amount granted within this line to more than €1.4 million euros to the self-employed and companies with up to 10 workers from various sectors affected by the pandemic. The mayor, Toni Pérez, has reported that with this second batch "we have already exceeded 600 beneficiaries who have received aid for amounts ranging between €2,000 and €4,000 euros." 

Specifically, in this second batch, 284 applications for an amount of €682,036.49 euros have been favorably resolved, in addition to the 317 files from the previous batch, raising the aid granted above 600 for a global amount of €1,461,658 23 euros. The resolution of this second consignment will be published tomorrow on the Notice Board of the Electronic Office.

The mayor has meant that "we are being agile and diligent in the processing and resolution of requests, to encourage this economic injection to reach professionals and companies as soon as possible"; and has remarked that "in parallel to the resolution of these 'Parenthesis Aid', the City Council has proceeded to pay the prizes and general second prize of the 'BenidormTeEspera' decoration contest, to which we have allocated just over 1.4 million euros from entirely from our municipal budget ”.

Thus, “in just two weeks, the City Council has mobilized and injected more than 2.8 million euros into the local productive fabric, through both measures, thus continuing our policy of constant support for the self-employed and companies in Benidorm and reaching to practically all economic activities and sectors ”. At this point he recalled that "since the pandemic started, the City Council has articulated different measures and lines of aid to try to meet the needs of all sectors affected by the crisis, without leaving anyone out."

Benidorm City Council has contributed around €790,000 euros to these 'Parenthesis Aids', included within the 'Resistir Plan' and financed by local entities, Provincial Councils and the Generalitat. The amount of these aid for Benidorm is around €5.2 million euros, the fourth highest in the Valencian Community.

On the other hand, the Local Government Board (JGL) has also approved the second batch of municipal aid to families in 2021, which reaches €82,350 euros. The mayor has pointed out that "with municipal aid to families we try to mitigate the effects of the pandemic in the homes of Benidorm that have been more sensitive to the consequences of this health, economic and social crisis." Aid for which the City Council has initially reserved €2.5 million euros, although “as we already advanced during the approval of the 2021 budget, this amount will be increased depending on the needs so as not to leave anyone in the way and to be able to attend to all those people who meet the requirements set out in the bases ”.

In this second remittance "94 applications have been favorably resolved, in addition to the 107 granted last week and which will shortly be paid to the beneficiaries." The total amount awarded in both batches reaches €191,460 euros.

The mayor has advanced that "in a few days the Technical Commission that is in charge of evaluating and processing the applications will meet again to make the third batch viable, which will be approved by the Local Government Board (JGL) next week." "We thus fulfill our objective of approving new remittances from this line of aid every week, thus making it possible for these benefits to reach households and family economies as soon as possible, especially given that there are still citizens who are still waiting to collect the ERTE," he said. indicated. The forecast is to resolve an average of 200 files weekly.

The amount of this family aid is at least 200 euros per month for a quarter, an amount that increases by €50 euros for each member of the family unit.

In 2020, in the first edition of this benefit, the City Council granted aid for a global amount close to €2.5 million euros. "An amount - he has deepened - that we complement coinciding with the Christmas campaign, giving each beneficiary of these family aid the 'Benidorm Card', a card-purse with 200 euros of balance to consume in establishments in the city." This initiative involved an extraordinary injection of €600,000 euros, which also benefited the local productive fabric.

Resources and remedies

The deadline for submitting appeals to the denial of aid is 30 days from the publication of the resolution on the Notice Board of the Electronic Office. In both cases, the appeal must be submitted through the Electronic Office ( ) using the sections created for this purpose. The procedure for the presentation of remedies for family aid is also carried out electronically at the same Electronic Office.

12 months, 14 million euros

The mayor has stressed that “in the last 12 months, since the state of alarm was decreed, the Benidorm City Council has mobilized more than €14 million euros from its municipal budget to allocate them to measures to support the social and productive fabric of the city". Half of this amount “has been earmarked for aid and initiatives related to maintaining economic activity and employment generated by the city's self-employed and companies, which we will continue to support, as we have done so far with more resources than the competent administrations ”.