Benidorm completes the urbanization of La Garita street and the improvement of Apolo XI

February 20, 2021
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The Benidorm City Council is finishing the works on the urbanization of Calle La Garita street, between Ramos Carratalá and Los Almendros, and has already completed the improvements in the urban scene of Apolo XI, advancing "in the pedestrianisation" of the Ensanche del Casco Antiguo, "the image and aesthetics of these streets", as indicated by the mayor, Toni Pérez.

Toni Pérez has stressed that "they are 3 interventions in two projects that are marked by the pattern of surgery in the urban scene to make a more friendly public space", where "the pedestrian is the main protagonist and recovers the street."

As reported by Toni Pérez, "the urbanization of La Garita and the improvements in Ramos Carratalá are practically completed, only waiting to install the trees, benches and planters provided for in the project next week." In fact, “both streets will be reopened to traffic this coming Monday, February 22, once the renovation of urban services and pavement of La Garita has been completed, which acquires a single platform appearance; and after the intervention in Ramos Carratalá, which has meant increasing the pedestrian space by doubling the size of the left sidewalk uphill ”.

After this action, “we have completed the comprehensive renovation and pedestrianization of Calle La Garita , improving accessibility in the downtown area”, while “we have updated all the subsoil infrastructures, especially the water network, which is now more efficient".

In addition, "when planning this surgery performance in the urban urban scene, the generation of a friendlier space for the walk has been contemplated and also in which total accessibility is guaranteed", with the aim of. For this, "solutions have been implemented that are already giving very good results in other streets renovated in recent years such as the installation of trees." Specifically, in the new section of La Garita and in Ramos Carratalá, 10 specimens of 'ligustrum japonicum', known as aligustrón, will be planted, and several planters and benches will be installed.

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Regarding mobility, it has facilitated "the circulation and maneuverability of the vehicles that usually carry out loading and unloading tasks in the area, as is the case of those that supply the hypermarket located on the ground floor of the Municipal Market"; company that has paid for this work based on an agreement signed with the City Council. Likewise, a parking area for motorcycles has been created in Ramos Carratalá, increasing the parking for this type of vehicles in the Center by more than 40 spaces.

With regard to Apolo XI street, the improvements have been fully assumed by the City Council and have consisted of “the planting of 15 units of the same trees planned for La Garita and Ramos Carratalá, the removal of 76 bollards with replacement of the necessary granite ; and the installation of 5 concrete benches ”.