Benidorm is 'immersed' in the underwater universe of local photographer David Galván

September 20, 2021
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'Submarina', a photographic exhibition composed of ten images captured by local artist David Galván, is the new proposal from the Department of Historical and Cultural Heritage within the 'Benidorm Expone' initiative, which seeks to bring art closer to the citizenship by placing it at street level. A photographic exhibition that can be seen from today until January 13 at the Espais d'Art Urbà El Pont and Hispanitat in Benidorm and which this morning was visited by the mayor, Toni Pérez; the Councilor for Historical and Cultural Heritage, Ana Pellicer; the artist himself; the curator of the exhibition, Alicia Lamarca; as well as members of the Municipal Corporation, among others. 

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The mayor highlighted the uniqueness of this exhibition and the work of David Galván who "through his underwater photographs brings us closer to the diversity, richness and details of the seabed, both in our bay and elsewhere on the planet." Toni Pérez has pointed out that "in general we know a lot about the terrestrial environment, but this exhibition gives us the opportunity to discover and enter the underwater world", and for this reason he has recommended that citizens enjoy it when they walk through the environment of both Espais d'Art Urbà.

The Councilor for Historical and Cultural Heritage has indicated that "with this exhibition we immerse ourselves in the underwater world of David Galván, who with these images achieves what, according to him, is his objective: to awaken emotions." Pellicer has indicated that "although this exhibition is enjoyed at any time of the day, we invite the viewer to live the experience of also contemplating it at night, since the lighting of the 'muppis' further enhances the beauty of these photographs".  

The curator of the exhibition explained, for her part, that 'Submarina' is divided into two parts. Thus, in l'Espai d'Art Urbà El Pont, photographs of "marine flora and fauna" have been installed; while in Hispanitat those that include the human element are exhibited.  

Specialising in underwater images, David Galván's underwater shorts achieved first place at the Underwater Video Festival in 2019 and second in 2018, while being finalists in both years of the Donostia-San Sebastián International Underwater Film Series. . The photographer has shown his satisfaction to exhibit in Benidorm and to be able to convey to the public his passion and fascination for the sea.