Benidorm Mayor asks the Health Ministry for more information after the decision not to move to Phase 2

May 22, 2020
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The Mayor of Benidorm, Toni Pérez has said that, "there is a lack of transparency" and has demanded "information" from the Regional Department of Health. 

This was after the 'Regional Head of Health, Ana Barceló,' took the decision not to request from the national government that the area moves to Phase 2 of the de-escalation plan next Monday. Read more by clicking below:

He said that "we have a lack of information on this decision and what it has been based on, that's because the Consell does not share it, but there is no doubt that we would like to know what the health situation of our City, as it is an issue that affects our neighbours, and that would undoubtedly contribute to us better managing the issues and enable us to take action in case there is something that is not right."

In the absence of knowing the information and health indicators related to Benidorm, which has been in Phase 1 since the 11th May.  The Mayor has said that  "we will continue to observe and promote compliance with the regulations" and "working , as we have done from the first minute and every day since to prepare for the next phase and with all the security guarantees, both in the public and private sectors ”.

After stressing that "deciding the phase change does not correspond to us",  the municipal action is focusing on promoting the optimal scenario of the whole region "so that if the opportunity to move to the next phase, we can enter it with all the guarantees".

In this sense, he said that the City Council has worked “side by side”, for example, with the hospitality and trade sectors to tackle the move to Phase 1 with all the health guarantees, including disinfecting the spaces that were to be reopened to the public so that they met the safety requirements and offered the highest possible profitability to the business despite the limited capacity.