Benidorm's Calle Aigües reopened after renovation work

June 30, 2020
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The Benidorm City Council has reopened Calle Aigües street, the first of La Cala that follows the aesthetic of the Paseo de Poniente and in which the entire hydraulic network has been renewed at a cost of  €443,691.23, entirely paid for by the water concession company (Hidraqua) from the Renewal Fund, and which has allowed the collection and drainage of water from the ravines during heavy rain.

The mayor, Toni Pérez, has pointed out that "we have acted in an integral way throughout the street, improving its aesthetics, services and accessibility and also all the subsoil infrastructure with a view to further protecting our main natural asset: the beach"  “thanks to the work done underground, when we have heavy rains we will be able to capture the first waters that come down from the nearby ravines, which are those that present the highest concentration of waste and dirt, and direct them directly and effectively to the network of residuals, thus preventing them from reaching the beach ”. In this way, he added, "if need be, only natural and clean waters would reach the beach."

Toni Pérez explained that the Calle Aigües premieres the aesthetic aspect planned for all the streets perpendicular to Vicente Llorca Alós, with the same circular stoneware on the Paseo de Poniente in various shades of blue and white. "The intention is that, with a view to the future renovation of Avenida Vicente Llorca Alós, all these streets will adopt the same aesthetic as the Paseo de Poniente, to give continuity to the coastal front." 

In addition, "we have expanded the size of the pavements to give greater prominence to pedestrians " The asphalt has also been renovated and 'led' street lighting has been chosen to reduce consumption.   

The mayor has clarified that "the east sidewalk is completely open to pedestrian traffic, while for a few days the west sidewalk of the street will continue to be limited while waiting for the last finishes of the pavement and gardening." The gardening of that section, which is expected to be ready by the end of next week, is the responsibility of the company that owns the adjoining plot, in which an apartment block is being built.