Car hiring in Spain - what to look out for.

November 06, 2019

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"Hiring a car in Spain can be great. They’re relatively cheap, they get you around and they’re small cars which fit nicely in Spains tiny car parking places.

This should be a relatively straight forward process. However, prepare yourself for when you get to the front desk of the said car hire company in Spain. The look on your Chevy chase will go from a holiday mode broad smile to a grimace, confused, even punch drunk new look in a matter of seconds".

Planning to hire a car in Spain? Many stories have recently been doing the rounds of customers being charged for damage to the vehicle that wasn't their fault. Our friends at Spain Explained have written a guide which tells you what to look out for and solutions to problems when hiring a car here in Spain. You can read the full article here: Spain Explained - Car hire companies in Spain.