Further extension to the 'State of Alarm' voted on today

May 20, 2020
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The Spanish government, needing support in Congress for a further extension to the state of alarm after 24th May, has reached agreement with Ciudadanos (Citizens) Party for a fifteen-day extension.

Presidente Pedro Sánchez said on Saturday that Congress would be asked for one final extension of "around a month". The government had in fact been considering an extension until 27th June but securing agreement for a month or more was always likely to have been difficult.

The Cs opposed a month's extension and so threatened to vote against an extension.

It will be formal voted on today in Congress if passed it would mean the 'State of Alarm' would be extended until 7th June.

The 'State of Alarm' allows the government to keep a centralised control over the 17 autonomous regions, and 2 autonomous cities so allowing them to gradually ease the lockdown in line with the de-escalation plan.