Helicopter helps to temporary repair Alicante-Elche airport fire damaged roof

March 12, 2020
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Yesterday Alicante-Elche completed the temporary sealing of the fire damaged roof and now work will get underway to drawn up the plan to rebuild it.

It set on fire on 14th January, due to an electrical failure that produced a spark while some works were being carried out. It caused the airport to be closed for 48hrs.

There was difficulty in fitting three porticos on the roof due to the weight of each panel, forcing the company that executes the works, Ferrovial, to hire the services of a helicopter to lift them into place.

The operation had been suspended last Wednesday due to the wind, but yesterday the weather conditions helped and in 20 minutes the work had been completed. 

It's estimated that the more permanent work to fix the roof will be completed by the end of the year.