Largest crime group in Eastern Spain brought down.

October 01, 2019

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Agents of the Drug and Organised Crime Unit -UDYCO Central- and the Special Response Group against Organised Crime (GRECO Levante) of the National Police have carried out a number of raids against a criminal organisation dedicated to drug trafficking and money laundering.

Operation Beautiful, coordinated by Spanish Police also involved law enforcement authorities from the United Kingdom, Colombia, Portugal, France, Sweden and Romania. It was also supported by Europol.

A number of operations resulted in 81 arrests, the seizure of 4,000kg of cocaine and 800 bank accounts frozen.

The police found more than €1 million in cash in a panic room of the ringleader’s house.

During the operation the Police also seized three firearms, a yacht, jewellery, luxury watches, 42 vehicles and properties worth €20 million across Spain.

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