On your bike Benidorm!

May 16, 2020
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The regional government, Generalitat Valencian, has launched grants of €75 to buy a scooter or a conventional bike and up to €250 in the case of an electric bike. 

The grants will be available from June to all those who opt for sustainable transport in the return to the new normal. There are also grants of €200 for people to buy kits for the electrification of bicycles and €150 for bikes for children.

This was announced by the regional President, Ximo Puig, he explained that mobility is going to be "fundamental" in the post-pandemic scenario and it must be approached from different ways, we must continue to support public transport , "with all the difficulties it has at the moment," and it must also continue the transformation of the private vehicle towards more eco-friendly models. The third way, he said, is the likes of bicycles and scooters, which "are going to be fundamental in the construction of this new normality, in a much more ecological and sustainable society and that will directly benefit people". 

All residents of the Valencian Region will be able to benefit from direct aid to buy a bicycle, a scooter, or an electric bike. If your interested, you can access these grants by consulting the list of businesses participating in the campaign on a dedicated web page set up by the Ministry of Mobility.

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