Spain begins ten days of official mourning for the victims of the coronavirus

May 27, 2020
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Today Spain begins ten days of official mourning for the victims of the coronavirus after having managed to control one of the worst outbreaks worldwide, which so far has caused 27,117 deaths, according to the latest official data. 

During the period of mourning, which will run until midnight on 6th June, the flags on public buildings and ships will fly at half-mast, the Spanish Executive said in a statement .

Presidente, Pedro Sánchez, stressed  "Ten days, the longest mourning of our democracy, with which we show all our pain and pay tribute to those who have died. Their memory will always remain with us," the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, said on Twitter.

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Spokesperson for the Government, María Jesús Montero, said "Eight out of every 10 deceased were over 70 years old. They were the ones who managed to get Spain ahead and worked to lay the foundations of the social state. We will honour their memory with a great act presided over by the Head of State,"

In addition to the tribute by King Felipe VI, other commemorations will also be held, such as minutes silence at 12 noon.

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The Government will also today ask for a last extension of the state of alarm if it gains the majority it needs to carry it out, but in case it does not succeed, it has also prepared an "umbrella" decree with the "minimum possible" measures to regulate the end of the de-escalation .