Spanish Government to regulate the use of masks in public places

May 18, 2020
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As we broke last night in our nightly Covid-19 lockdown news, the Spanish Government spokesperson and minister, María Jesús Montero said yesterday that the Government will regulate "in the coming days" the use of masks "in public places", as requested by several autonomous communities.

There are currently no further details, but we will bring them to you once the government has outlined when and where it will be necessary to wear one.

It is compulsory now to wear a mask on all public transport such as, buses, planes, and trains.

The Executive is also planning soon on allowing Municipalities with less than 10,000 inhabitants to no longer must stick to the allocated exercise time slots.

On Saturday afternoon. Presidente Pedro Sanchez made his weekly televised address updating the country. He made it clear that he would be requesting one last extension to the state of alarm, this time for a month. He also said he believed the coronavirus de-escalation process would be over in half of the country by the outset of summer.

He announced that he would be requesting a last extension to the state of alarm, this time for a month, and he also said that the de-escalation process could be completed in half of the country by the beginning of summer. If approved it would mean that it would continue until 24th June.