The adhesive cards to park in the 'Resident Zone', valid until the end of the year

June 10, 2021
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The adhesive cards issued by the City Council that allow parking in the 'Residents Zone' will be valid until 31st December, as reported by the Councilor for Mobility, José Ramón González de Zárate, who recalled that "to date they have this authorization of more than 23,700 vehicles of people registered in Benidorm and companies with tax domicile in the city ”. 

De Zárate said that "at the end of March 2020 and due to the confinement situation, it was decided to extend the validity of these adhesive cards until the end of the year and then until June of this year." “However, given the persistence of the circumstances that motivated the previous extensions and the postponement of the entry into force of the 'Low Emission Zones' and other modifications incorporated into the Mobility ordinance, we consider it convenient to extend the validity of the current cards of residents until the end of this 2021 ".
The councilor has clarified that "during this time, new authorizations will continue to be issued to those people who meet the requirements and still do not have it, either because they have not requested it so far, because they have recently registered in Benidorm or because they have acquired a new vehicle ”. This procedure is carried out in person on the ground floor of the Town Hall.