The beaches of Benidorm already wear their new blue flags

June 13, 2021
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A "recognition - Toni Pérez said - to the quality of services and the environment", always linked to the "very high demands" that are demanded of some beaches that are "among the most demanded in the world".

Today Levante offered the typical summer image to which we are accustomed. Thousands of people enjoyed the sandbanks and many have been the curious who have stopped next to the municipalities during the hoisting. A "full aspect", stressed the mayor, especially "if we have to describe it after the pandemic" that still hits us. 

The first mayor has valued the services of our beaches that have been "sized to serve everyone", so that neighbors and tourists find in them the "space for coexistence in the open air, nature, fun, enjoyment and tranquility ”that they want during their rest days and their vacations.

Finally, Toni Pérez has reiterated that the beaches are for Benidorm "the jewels of its crown" For this reason, he insisted, "we must take care of them as we do and prepare them" so that anyone who wants to enjoy them finds "the maximum ease for your enjoyment ”.