The City Council approves the annual subsidy of €170,000 euros for Double Love

April 14, 2021
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The Local Government Board (JGL) yesterday approved the annual nominative grant to the Double Love Association, which, as in previous years, amounts to €170,000 euros. The mayor of Social Welfare, Ángela Llorca, has pointed out that “with this grant, the City Council intends to help the association continue to carry out the activities and programs with which it promotes the social and labor integration of people with functional diversity who come to the center. , while supporting the social activity that the entity develops in the city ”.

Llorca recalled that "Double Love is an institution attended by fifty people with functional diversity from Benidorm and the Marina Baixa, and also manages a Special Employment Center and the Double Love Laundry, which employs other media hundred".

As explained by the mayor, "the amount of the municipal subsidy is allocated to the development of occupational workshops, maintenance of facilities and the transport of users of the center resident in Benidorm, since the center is located outside the urban area, as well as the transportation required to attend the significant number of complementary sports or outdoor activities programmed by the management team to result in the learning and well-being of the students ”. 

The councilor has reaffirmed "the commitment of the Benidorm City Council with the Double Love association and with the outstanding work it has carried out for more than four decades to favor the integration of people with functional diversity, to promote their job opportunities and achieve their maximum development staff, involving the families of these students ”. Likewise, he stressed that "the collaboration and involvement of all public administrations is essential to ensure the activity of the Occupational and Employment centers managed by the Association".

Once approved, the agreement will be signed in the next few days.