The City Council installs solar panels in the buildings of the Local Police and the FPA for self-consumption

May 13, 2022
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The measure will result in an annual saving of almost € 4,000 on the electricity bill

The Departments of Infrastructure and the Environment continue to carry out projects that focus on energy saving. The last is the placement of photovoltaic panels for self-consumption in the facilities of the Local Police and those of the Permanent Training of Adults; as reported by the councilors of the aforementioned areas, Diego Zaragoza and Jose Orozco, respectively.

According to the data provided by the municipal head of Infrastructure, “both facilities will be dedicated to self-consumption without surpluses and are connected to the network without accumulators. In the case of the prefecture of the Local Police, 19 photovoltaic modules of 7.98 KWp have been installed and in the FPA building the photovoltaic installation is 22.26 kWp with 53 monocrystalline modules ”.

The cost of the sum of both investments is € 39,000, of which IVACE -Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness- has subsidised € 15,626.

In the words of Zaragoza, "this is another action that aims to save energy and light efficiency, which will save almost € 4,000 a year on the electricity bill."

For his part, Jose Orozco, municipal head of the Environment, stated that “the measure is part of the Altea Zero Emissions project, which considers energy as one of the axes that underpin it; in this case, an internal self-consumption of the City Council that will lower costs and promote renewable energies ”.

Finally, the mayor recalled the impetus that the City Council is giving to the municipality to the Altea Energy Community, a neighbourhood association born with the vocation of promoting a model of shared, sustainable and fair energy self-consumption. The aim is to have different photovoltaic installations that will provide coverage to those households and SMEs interested in being part of this initiative of collective self-consumption through a Local Energy Community, whose board has already recently constituted.

"With the constitution and implementation of the Local Energy Community, the democratisation of energy is closer," said the Councilor for the Environment.