The Consell injects aid to 582,000 companies, workers and self-employed people due to the energy crisis, the war and the pandemic

August 11, 2022
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Around 582,000 self-employed or self-employed companies and individuals have benefited from the aid promoted by the Council of the Generalitat to deal with the effects of the increase in energy as a result of the war in Ukraine and the crisis caused by the pandemic, as the general director of Social Dialogue Coordination, Zulima Pérez, has pointed out.

Zulima Pérez took stock of the plans put in place by the Council, in coordination with social and economic agents, to reverse the effects of both crises and recalled that, in the first wave of the coronavirus, in the framework of social dialogue , "acted quickly" to respond to those who were most affected by the pandemic, as was the case of people included in temporary employment regulation (ERTE) or self-employed persons, who had to close their businesses or reduce your activity drastically. 

The Generalitat is now focusing on aid to alleviate the increase in energy costs, as indicated by Zulima Pérez. In this sense, more than 63,000 self-employed people in the Valencian Community will receive 300 euros in aid from the Generalitat to alleviate the economic difficulties caused by high inflation. The total aid exceeds 19 million euros, a figure that will represent an important injection of liquidity. 

The Valencian response to the climate emergency and inflation is materialized in the Reactive Plan, which has a budget of 944 million euros and is divided into four axes: fight against inflation; distribution of aid to families, companies and the self-employed; improvement of efficiency and energy saving and actions to accelerate energy autonomy.

Plans to face crises

In the most difficult moments of the pandemic, the Generalitat promoted a first aid package, which included an investment of 167 million euros and reached 250,000 companies, self-employed persons and self-employed persons.

This first block of aid was followed by other plans, such as the Resistir Plan, which, with an investment of 500 million euros, likely to be expanded according to the evolution of the pandemic, has so far benefited 252,000 companies and self-employed people.

This is a shock plan put in place by the Generalitat to help economically the sectors most affected by the restrictions imposed in the face of the health emergency, specifically direct aid to the self-employed and companies, workers in ERTE, aid to nighttime leisure, to handicrafts , to regular transport or subsidized loans with direct assistance, among others. 

Resistir Plus is added to the Resistir Plan, which has an endowment of 647 million euros and is direct aid from the State's COVID line whose objective is to strengthen the solvency of self-employed persons and companies in the Valencian Community, as well as to contribute to reduce your debt. Resistir Plus has 16,500 beneficiaries, including companies and self-employed persons and includes direct aid, of a finalist nature.

Success of social dialogue

Pérez, who has assured that the Council has from the beginning been on the side of companies, employed persons and self-employed persons, considers that the social dialogue between the Generalitat and social and economic agents has been key to articulating these aids and facing the two crises with a "quick and immediate" response.

In addition, the social dialogue has also generated a framework of stability, thanks to which, according to Zulima Pérez, the Valencian Community has become "a center of attraction for investments and growth".