Today is the deadline to apply for TEN 2021 grants to the hotels that participated in the Imserso 19/20

November 23, 2021
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The deadline to apply for TEN 2021 grants for hotel establishments that participated in the Imserso 2019/20 Tourism Program and those that have the SICTED Quality distinction ends today, Tuesday, 23rd November. These grants, which are financed through a grant from the Alicante Provincial Council, were opened to the hotel sector after the Local Government Board (JGL) approved at the beginning of the month to allocate the remaining credit to the hotel sector, a remainder of €243,517.97 euros.

The TEN 2021 grants are aimed at companies with more than 10 workers in sectors linked to industry and tourism and provide a base amount of €2,000 euros per self-employed, SMEs and companies, to which are added another €200 euros 'extra' per each worker registered on 31st December, 2020, up to a maximum of €8,000 euros.

Initially, the TENs were established for urban and suburban passenger land transport activities, types of passenger land transport nec, restaurants and food stands, provision of meals prepared for events, other food services, beverage establishments, exhibition activities cinema, rental of leisure and sports items, Travel Agency activities, Tour Operator activities, other reservation services, management of show halls, activities of botanical gardens, zoos and nature reserves, activities of amusement parks and other recreational activities and entertainment.

The applications submitted and assessed in a first remittance yielded an amount granted of €243,258.03 euros, practically half of the subsidy received for these grants. Hence, it was decided to open aid to other sectors related to tourism and leisure, such as hotels, "A sector clearly affected by the pandemic and by the mobility restrictions that have operated for a good part of the 20 months the health crisis lasts ”, said the Councilor for Employment, Mónica Gómez.