Tyger Drew-Honey flashed at on Denia Beach

October 08, 2019

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Article by Olive Press

THIS is the moment British actor Tyger Drew-Honey confronted the man who ‘flashed’ him on Denia beach last Saturday afternoon.

Drew-Honey, 23, was relaxing in Denia when he spotted a man ‘licking his lips’ and ‘masturbating’ in the nearby bushes.

The Outnumbered BBC sitcom star confronted the man, who slipped his private parts back into his trousers, but neglected to zip up his flies. 

In a video shared with the Olive Press, Drew-Honey tells the camera ‘I’ve just been flashed by this guy on the beach’.

The man asks Drew-Honey to stop filming before he retaliates: “Yeah mate, well you need to stop walking around on the beach flashing young men.”

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