How to Listen

September 17, 2020

On your Smart Speakers

To listen simply say:

"Alexa Enable My Tuner Radio Skill"

This will then enable the skill on your device. 

You can then say: "Alexa Play Cool Radio Spain"

Smart Speakers.png (293 KB)

 On your Desktop Computer, Laptop or Mobile

You can listen via our website: or and just click on the play button which is located on the top of every page.

You can also download the My Tuner Radio App

mytuner-inline 2.jpg (33 KB)

App Store.png (8 KB)  Google Play.png (8 KB)

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You can also listen via the TuneIn App.

(Please note that we are not available in the UK on TuneIn)

 TuneIn.png (2 KB)

App Store.png (8 KB)Google Play.png (8 KB)

Other ways to listen

You can also listen on all your favourite devices:

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