Benidorm approves €1.6 million in direct aid to more than 130 tourist accommodations

July 27, 2021
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The Local Government Board (JGL) of Benidorm has approved the first two remittances of direct municipal aid aimed at the accommodation sector. The mayor, Toni Pérez, has reported that "between both remittances they amount to €1,649,646.07 euros, and include 135 tourist accommodations in the city as beneficiaries." 

The mayor recalled that “this call for aid from the City Council is directed, regardless of the number of workers, to hotels, campsites, pensions, hostels, apartment blocks and management companies in Benidorm; a key sector in the tourism industry, and therefore in the productive fabric of our city, and that to date, and despite its important role in generating employment, has received practically no direct aid as it has been excluded from the vast majority of the calls launched by the different competent and responsible administrations ”.

Toni Pérez has stressed that “with this line of aid, to which we allocate €3 million euros from the municipal budget, we want to correct this situation and inject resources into companies and establishments in the accommodation sector which, in many cases, take 15 months after the pandemic was declared, they have still not been able to resume their activity or have done so with volumes of activity well below those of other seasons ”. 

The mayor has specified that the amount of this aid "ranges from €1,000 to €90,000 euros depending on the category and number of rooms or apartments in the establishment"; and it has advanced that in the next few weeks a third batch will be approved. 

Likewise, he remarked that “we continue to demand, as for 15 months, a Plan for the special protection of tourism, which in the case of Spain and the Valencian Community unfortunately does not arrive, despite being considered a great economic engine and generator of employment in the tourism industry and the accommodation sector in destinations such as Benidorm ”. 

The mayor added that "from the City Council we continue to redouble our efforts, we continue to generate aid for the entire local industry and also, fundamentally, for families and homes, reaching where competent and responsible administrations do not reach, and acting so that no one is left behind" . 

In this sense, it has reported that tomorrow, Wednesday, 28th July, the deadline to request new direct aid from the City Council aimed at the nightlife sector opens and that will be financed through a subsidy of about €300,000 euros from the Provincial Council of Alicante. Toni Pérez recalled that this call provides for provision of up to 3,000 euros and SMEs, micro-SMEs and self-employed persons in the sector with tax domicile in Benidorm can participate and that "between 1st June 2020 and 30th June 2021 they have reduced the average monthly billing is at least 25% compared to the monthly average of 2019 ”.

The grants can be processed from tomorrow and for a period of 10 days through the Electronic Headquarters of the City Council: ;