Benidorm grants the 8th remittance of municipal aid to families

May 12, 2021
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The Local Government Board (JGL) has resolved today the eighth batch of municipal aid to families 2021, with which "the City Council aims to alleviate the complicated situation that the homes of Benidorm that have been hit the hardest by the economic and social crisis that have derived from the pandemic ”, as pointed out by the mayor, Toni Pérez.

The mayor recalled that “it is a question of aid that ranges between €600 and €1,350 euros per quarter depending on the number of members of the family or coexistence unit, and with which economic resources have already been injected into more than 800 households from Benidorm ”.

The eighth remittance approved today amounts to €80,550 euros and brings the amount of aid granted to date to €754,450 euros.

“We continue to be diligent in the resolution of these grants so that each week a new remittance can be approved, thus ensuring that these benefits reach the people and families who need them as soon as possible and who, in some cases, are still waiting for them. collect the ERTE committed or receive help from other administrations that are precisely those that have the legal obligation to do so ”, he stated.

The mayor has reaffirmed "the City Council's commitment to continue helping the social and productive fabric of Benidorm, in this case responding to the requests of those families who meet the requirements to access this line of aid." A line of aid "for which we have allocated a total of €5.5 million euros in 2021".

The 8th remittance of the 2021 family aid will be published shortly on the Notice Board of the Electronic Office. The deadline for submitting appeals for their denial is 30 days from the publication of the resolution on the Notice Board of the Electronic Headquarters. The appeal must be submitted through the Electronic Office ) through the specific section for this procedure. The procedure for the presentation of corrections is also carried out electronically at the same Electronic Office.