Benidorm implements in the Plaza de la Constitución a pilot of the 'remove and put' container system

July 21, 2021
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Benidorm City Council is going to implement from today, 21st July, in the Plaza de la Constitución “a pilot project of the 'remove and put' container system, in such a way that these will be placed from 18.00 hours and will be withdrawn before 08.00 hours ”. This is how the councilor for Road Cleaning, José Ramón González de Zárate, has advanced today, once this measure has been communicated to the hotel and tourist accommodation sector in the area. 

De Zárate has pointed out that “it is a point with many companies and neighbors in which several containers have been placed. However, we are having oversaturation and we are having to collect the garbage seven to eight times a day, mainly because the Environment ordinance is not being complied with, which indicates that the exit of household and establishment garbage must be done from 8:00 pm ”. 

This oversaturation is causing “image problems in a very crowded area” and also “that we have to allocate more technical and human resources to attend to this work, with the consequent extra cost”. 

Given this situation, it has been decided to implement at this point the 'remove and put' container system that, on the other hand, “will be contemplated in the new urban waste cleaning and collection contract for the Old Town, the neighborhood of El Calvari and some other area of ​​Benidorm ”, as it was already transferred two weeks ago to the business and social associations, representatives of the Neighborhood Council and the workers of the current concessionaire. A new contract, he recalled, which is currently in the drafting phase of the administrative clauses. 

Based on this 'remove and put' system "during the day there will be no containers on public roads, but they will be installed at the authorized time to take out the garbage." De Zárate explained that in this pilot project for the Plaza de la Constitución, a longer time of stay for the containers has been set, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m., although he has asked neighbors and businessmen that "as far as possible do not deposit the garbage before 8:00 pm ”. 

Looking ahead to next year, and once the new contract comes into operation, in the areas where this 'remove and put' system is implemented, the containers will be placed from 8:00 p.m. and
will be removed before 8:00 p.m. 08.00 hours "winning in image" and "complying with the ordinance". 

De Zárate has indicated that "this pilot in the Plaza de la Constitución will allow to test this system and that citizens and establishments will get used to how the service will be from next year." 

Details of the future contract

The mayor recalled that the new garbage contract will be "comprehensive, innovative and very avant-garde", that "it will be adapted to European directives and state and regional regulations" and that "it will include more, new and better services ”. Broadly speaking, the new contract "will prioritize the cleaning of all public spaces and will promote recycling and the separation of waste at source." In addition, it will involve an "unprecedented" investment in technology, equipment renewal and an increase in material and human resources.

Apart from "facilitating the separation of waste at source as much as possible", the new contract contemplates the recovery -in most of the city- of the collection 'door to door'. For this, it will be promoted that users have in their own urbanizations the containers for the seven fractions of waste that the new law collects: paper / cardboard, glass and containers, organic, textile, oil and non-segregated. This measure will also make it possible to reduce the presence of containers on public roads; while for the area of ​​the Old Town and El Calvari the 'remove and put' system is foreseen, and specific solutions for the hotel and commercial sector. 

In terms of cleaning, the new awardee resulting from the procedure that will be open to tender, and with maximum transparency, must be responsible for all public use spaces in the city, including those that are not urbanized, the natural park or the ravines.