Benidorm will provide the Conservatories with new instruments, furniture and audiovisual and computer equipment

July 19, 2021
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Benidorm City Council will provide the Municipal Conservatories of Music and Dance with new instruments, furniture and computer and image and sound equipment. The Local Government Board (JGL) approved the tender for lots of this equipment, for a global amount "of practically €400,000 euros", as reported by the mayor, Toni Pérez, who recalled that "in the municipal budget of this year we reserve a game of €920,000 euros to provide everything necessary to both Conservatories when the Consell hands over the new facilities in the cultural center to the City Council ”.

The mayor has pointed out that “although the latest communication from the Society for Thematic Projects of the Valencian Community (SPTCV), in charge of the works of the cultural center, delays the delivery of these new facilities until the end of September or the beginning of October, we have already started everything the process of acquiring furniture, instruments and equipment so that the Municipal Conservatory of Dance and the Municipal Conservatory of Music 'José Pérez Barceló' can begin to operate in their definitive headquarters as soon as possible ”.

Toni Pérez has pointed out that "we would have loved to have met the deadlines for completion of the work that President Ximo Puig himself transferred to us during his last visit to the cultural center, in which he pointed out that the facilities would be ready in May." In any case, "although these deadlines are not being met, our roadmap is being executed according to the calendar with which we were working at the beginning, which was to have everything ready for the start of the new school year," he added.

Therefore, "from the City Council, as we committed ourselves to the Consell and to the educational community of both Conservatories, we will be fully prepared to provide the necessary equipment to both centers when the keys are handed over to us."

According to Toni Pérez, “the acquisition of all the equipment will be carried out in batches, always looking for improvements that allow maximizing the investment that will be made and that, for example, in the case of instruments, will involve the renewal of much of the current material ”.

Once the lots have been awarded, the maximum supply period will be one month, so “if there is no administrative complexity beyond the political will and the processing by the City Council for that start date of the school year, we will have everything the equipment ”. Toni Pérez added that "we would like to be able to receive this equipment at our facilities and start the course with total normality, something that seems not to happen due to non-compliance with the work deadlines".