The City Council installs glass panels on the balustrade of Paseo de Tamarindos

January 24, 2021
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Benidorm City Council has replaced three sections of the balustrade of the Paseo de Tamarindos with new double safety glass, similar to the one installed in El Castell after its comprehensive rehabilitation. Municipal action has led to improvements in accessibility in one of the most emblematic points of the city, as was highlighted today by the mayor of the city, Toni Pérez.

"A Paseo de Tamarindos - he said - that now limits the traffic of vehicles to residents with a ford, that gains pedestrian space" "for sports and for walking" but in which until now "we had little repaired because it was not finished since the beautification point of view ”and that, from now on, will stand out even more because“ it is a privileged enclave ”.

The mayor recalled that the initiative arose from the area of ​​Historical and Cultural Heritage that proposed, in view of "the deterioration, due to the onslaught of the sea of ​​what was the old balustrade", to repeat the experience of the glass sheet. The project "has worked with the relevant authorizations from the General Directorate of Coasts" and once the main work is completed, the City Council will continue with "small aesthetic auctions".

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The intervention has involved the demolition of the previous masonry wall and the construction of a new formwork, in which a stainless steel mounting profile has been installed on which the new laminar safety glass railing has been fixed, with a height 110 cm and composed of two 10 + 10 mm thick sheets.

"The traditional balustrade - Pérez stressed - has been improved with the introduction of glass sheets, as we did at the time in El Castell, which has had such a good return", not only for the people who come there, but for all who visit us ”. The mayor has been convinced that this will result in the promotion of the city with the "repetition and reiteration of the image reproduced on social networks."

As a complement to this action, the City Council has provided the promenade with four new concrete benches, plus a special one made of wood "with the slogan of that campaign that we have been carrying out since March 2020, #BenidormTeEspera", which intends to convey that the city "He has hope and enthusiasm" and that "he has not stopped for a minute" working so that this is manifested in the renewal of public space and that it "is more attractive for those of us who live here and also for those who visit us."