The registration for the #BenidormTeEspera contest is now open

January 26, 2021
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Benidorm City Council has opened today,Tuesday, 26th January, the registration to participate in the #BenidormTeEspera contest, which, following in the wake of the Christmas Window Dressing contest, intends to inject €1.5 million euros into the local economy. The Local Government Board (JGL) has approved the bases that will govern this decorating contest with which it seeks to "promote the creativity of shops and services, hotel, catering and leisure establishments, hotels and passenger transport, encouraging decoration of their establishments or vehicles, on the occasion of the Valentine's and San José campaigns; in order to invigorate the city and show the world what awaits it in Benidorm when it returns to normality ”, as the mayor, Toni Pérez, has pointed out.

The mayor recalled that "all participants will be awarded, through a general second prize of €500 euros, to which are added three prizes of €1,000, €2,000 and €3,000 euros"; And he added that the #BenidormTeEspera contest will take place both on the street and on social media between February 5 and March 22. However, registration will be open until 8th February to “facilitate the participation of hospitality businesses that, in principle, would reopen to the public on 4th February, once the closure of the sector decreed by the Generalitat since last February 21 from January".

The contest takes the # ('hashtag') that the City Council and Visit Benidorm began to use already in the first weeks of confinement to show the world the best corners of the city and encourage tourist reactivation once restrictions on mobility were overcome, and recovers the spirit of the virtual exhibition #BenidormTeEspera that every day, since 26th March, 2020, made up the photographs sent by citizens.

The contest focuses on the decoration of the establishments or the supports visible to the public in the case of vehicles and will be free themed. The only essential requirement is that this decoration or lettering includes the hashtag #BenidormTeEspera.

At the same time, participants will have to publish at least one image of the decorated establishment / vehicle on one or more Social Networks among those owned by the participant (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ...), incorporating hashtags #BenidormTeEspera and #Benidorm, and tagging the City Council . The mayor explained that “with these publications the aim is to promote the city and the destination, and at the same time make the establishment or service known and the effort it is making throughout this pandemic.

The registration will be formalized through the Electronic Headquarters of the City Council ( from midnight this Tuesday and without the need for a digital certificate. In the case of establishments, the request must be made in the name of the person or company that appears in the opening license and be accompanied by a receipt in the name of the holder in which the full IBAN appears. Regarding public passenger transport, the request in the name of the person or company must be complemented with the receipt of the IVTM of Benidorm of the participating vehicle. If you want to participate with more than one establishment or vehicle, you must register for each of them.

Applications received and admitted to the competition will be published on the municipal website ( ). Once published, a period of 4 days will be opened to present allegations.

The contest is aimed at approximately 3,000 participants and the complete bases can already be consulted in the Notice section of the municipal website and from midnight also in the Electronic Office.As the mayor already announced last week, this contest is the first economic initiative to support the productive and economic sector of the city, after in 2020 the City Council has allocated about €2.8 million euros to initiatives, measures and benefits to help companies, businesses, SMEs and the self-employed against the effects of Covid-19. To this amount are added the income that the City Council has stopped receiving after having suspended the tax for the occupation of tables and chairs.